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We design

every shoe

to look like


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This is a perfect pair of Höss shoes. A shoe that turned out exactly as it was designed. Collapsed toe, bent quarters, floppy heel, it's all on purpose. As a result from zero stiffeners being used. Most footwear is made with rigid liners or components that give structure to the shoe, generally in the toe and heel. Not us though, we prefer a shoe that is completely soft and supple. Pretty much, it's the most outdoor ready sock you can wear.

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There's more to the name than just the umlauts. For us, those little dots aren't there for sound, but rather a subtle nod to you. Yes you! One represents the shopper and the other ourselves, while the circle represent the connection between us. You won't find our products anywhere else, no middle man, over excessive inventory, none of it. 

Because you're more than just a customer,

you're a person, and our products are made exclusively for you.



This is what our

inventory looks like.


We like to be straightforward with our customers, the number shown is our gross profit per pair of shoes. Why don't other companies share their pricing structure? Well we're here to challenge how business is done, not only by making our shoes by hand in the U.S.A. with competitive wages, but also with pricing transparency. 

For those interested in our pricing structure, just take a look below.


Uppers: $12

Sole: $6

Insoles / Footbed: $6

Laces: $2


Linen Bag: $1

U.S.A. Shipping: $15

Tape: $0.50

Packaging: $1

Labels / Printing: $0.50


Labor: $30


Advertising / Marketing: $5

Accounting: $2.50


Warehouse Rent: apprx $5

Tools & Business Updates: $2.50


Webstore Hosting: apprx $1


That's right, our shelves are completely empty, and it's on purpose. We strive to produce  only what is ordered, no excess or leftovers. Thanks to our strict pre-order only model, we can do just this. It allows us to take an accurate inventory before our production phase. Because of this, we have no leftovers, no deadstock, or items to put on sale in order to make way for next seasons' inventory. The fashion industry is constantly producing new goods. So we're aiming to keep our waste and environmental impact to a minimum. 


Markup: $49



*All prices shown are for our genuine suede model with some numbers approximated and broken down for a per-pair-basis.



We sell on a pre-order only format.

How it works:

-The shop will close March 5th -All orders will go into production starting March 15th -Orders will begin shipping out March 22nd

*To learn more about our pre-order system as well as returns and exchanges, please click here.

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